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Tyre Pressure Indicators

Save Fuel.........Improve safety.............Reduce Tyre wear by fitting TYRECHECKERS,tyre  pressure indicators to your tyres.

Tyrecheckers simply replace the valve cap on each tyre, and let you know at a glance if your tyres are correctly inflated.

If the tyre is inflated to the correct pressure the indicator shows GREEN

A loss of tyre pressure of between 10-15% triggers the YELLOW indicator,giving a warning that they tyre pressure is reducing 

Should  the tyre  pressure drop by 20-25%,  the RED indicator becomes clearly visible,giving a clear warning that they tyre pressure is now dangerously low and needs to be inflated.

4 Tyrecheckers in each Pack

Are you driving on the right tyre pressure? BUY Tyrecheckers now and you will always know.